Inman News Interview – Spring Forward: David Smith on building appreciation and trust

If an agent should stop doing one thing today, what would it be?

Making ourselves the center of attention.

A significant portion of agents are naturally extroverted with more than a touch of narcissism, and I find myself in that breed. One way I’ve tried to combat the shadow side of that personality type is by finding other people and organizations I can wholeheartedly promote. Instead of constantly advocating for myself, I lean toward advocating for others — whether it be refugees, a local community kitchen, the brewery down the street or simply my clients.

It’s not that difficult, it just requires us to look beyond ourselves and to become truly passionate about what others are trying to achieve. Sometimes this even means publicly celebrating another local Realtor for their advocacy work, and doing so without fear that it will somehow negatively impact our business.

I’m so proud to serve alongside some Realtors in my community who are using their platforms to build schools in the Dominican Republic, organize fundraising music festivals, support women’s shelters and so much more. Some days when I’m feeling insecure or worried, this can be a discipline, but with practice it’s become one of the most fulfilling elements of my life and business.”

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